The Right Touch Massage Therapy - 1425 Liberty Road; Suite 211, Eldersburg, Maryland
We are proud to offer some of the newest therapies in the massage industry! Try our shell massage--only just being introduced to Club Med Spas! And our face toning massage--Diane is one of only 20 therapists in the state of Maryland that practices this massage, (see face toning page for info).
Massage Services
Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massage:
The name says it all!      
      30 minutes Swedish  $50
      30 minutes Deep Tissue $60
Swedish Massage:
Choose from a light to moderate touch depending on your comfort level and preference. 
     30 minutes    $50
     45 minutes    $65      
     60 minutes    $85    
     90 minutes    $120
PreNatal Massage:
Prenatal can be done from the 2nd trimester forward.
     30 minutes    $55
     60 minutes    $95

Deep Tissue Massage:
An area specific deep tissue massage designed to focus on areas of persistent discomfort resulting from stress and overuse. 
     30 minutes    $60  
     60 minutes   $100
     90 minutes    $145

Couples Massage:

  Available in same room: 
      2 60-Minute Swedish Massage  $200
Speciality Massage
Lava Shell Massage: 
Natural shells warm organically to soothe your sore & tired muscles with heat!  Pure relaxation! Like you were on the beach!      
     60 minutes    $110

Warm Stone Massage: 
Lava stones are heated to send you into deep relaxation with heat.     
     75 minutes    $120
Face Toning Massage: 
A "natural" face-lift! The facial muscles are retrained to actually tighten & lift-- helping to create a subtle change. It's like a gentle work-out for your face!    
     30 minutes    $60   
     60 minutes    $95 (same time on face but also a hand and foot massage)
A therapy dating back to the ancient Egyptians!  Thumb pressure on the foot's main reflex points target corresponding areas all over the body.  Like getting a full-body treatment!  Plus your feet feel great!
     30 minutes    $60

45-min Swedish massage/15-min Reflexology combo  $90                                          (total 60-min)
60-min Swedish massage/15-min Reflexology combo  $110                                         (total 75-min)
75-min Swedish massage/15-min Reflexology combo  $125
                                   (total 90-min)

**We Love New Clients! 
 However, there are NO special discounts for new clients.  Our discounts are for our repeat clientele and sent to them by email/mail periodically.