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Bellabaci Cupping
We are happy to offer Bellabaci Cupping Techniques as an additional tool for releasing tight muscles.  Similar to other cupping techniques with the important difference of NO MARKS!

Cupping utilizes suction & negative pressure to drain excess fluids & toxins, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue & bring blood flow to the skin & muscles. Many times, faster results than deep tissue work.

30 Min Massage Cupping                    $65
(back, neck, shoulder, & legs--focus on 2 areas per treatment)

30 Min Cellulite Cupping                    $65
(legs, buttocks, & hips--focus on 2 areas per treatment)(
The Results are In!
Cellulite Cupping DOES work!  Several years ago, I asked for volunteers for my cupping experiment.  Over the next month, these volunteers came in once a week, for 5 total sessions each, just to have their upper legs cupped.  The subject in the photo liked the treatment so much the first session, they actually purchased cups to use at home between treatments! 
Bottom Line:  Cellulite Cupping Works--but works best when done daily.